Optical Effect – Bespoke Website Imagery

When local optician Owen Aves decided to revamp their website they could have populated it entirely with images from stock libraries.

However, they did not want their new site to look too generic, prefering to feature their own unique brand identity.

designer sunglasses

This was really two or three mini-shoots rolled into one.

To begin with, some branded products were photographed in the studio.

contact lenses

Then I took the studio to Owen Aves’ premises in central Colchester.


On site the shoot was further divided in two. Whilst the business remained open I shot the “still life” interiors and exteriors using the available light.

spectacles on display

Then at closing time the flash units were brought out to light the actions shots.

opticians at work

Part of the brief supplied by the grahic designer (Harvey from Harvey Lyon Design) was that each image would need to be supplied in two distinct crop ratios; square-ish images on the homepage would link in with banner images on categorised sub-pages. The images were also required to be supplied in both colour and monochrome.

OA Website page design requiring two different cropsRoughly four hours were spent shooting on site, during half of which the business remained open and fully operational.

eye examination

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