A Biomass Brochure – Photography on Location

As spring breaks through and our East Anglian countryside blooms once more, it worth thinking about location photography to help sell your products or services. This case study features images from a commission undertaken for Colne Biomass last year.


spring in the air


The brief was to supply imagery for an aspirational new brochure showcasing the company’s diverse range of biomass boiler installations. The client arranged for us to visit a number of existing installations, and shooting took place over the course of about two weeks – 2 or 3 locations a day. Between 1 – 2 hours was spent at each site, with the client present to help art-direct the shoot.


boiler installation


As well as displaying examples of the bespoke solutions available, the images needed to show the scale of some of the properties being supplied by these boilers.


a grand property


Some of sites chosen were other respected local businesses, so their branding was worked into images where appropriate.


branding in frame


As well as the properties, the boiler installations themselves needed to be shown – in what were often less than glamorous settings. Locations such as workshops may not be pretty, but can offer a range of props to help tell the story.


boiler in workshop


In some instances space was so limited that the boiler had to be shot through a doorway. Care was taken with the lighting to ensure the boiler stood out from the background, and flash was used to suppliment the available ambient light.


shot through a doorway


Other spaces were more generously proportioned, and as much use as possible was made of natural light ; in the next image, for example, the massive biomass storage container was lit by the skylights in the barn.


biomass storage


Each site we visited provided a mini case study. Along with the property, images showed the exterior of the structure housing the boiler, the interior space, and some detail or action shots of the boiler itself.


case study


Finally, we shot the part of an installation everyone wants to see inside their home…


cosy biomass fire


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