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Sometimes a client will ask me to create some light hearted images to promote their services. Such images still need to tell a story – communicate the products or services on offer – but taking a fun and creative helps engage with their audience, grabbing their attention.

web design


These composite images were created back in 2011 for Granite Computers. They wanted something a bit different, something amusing. They also wanted to communicate the fact that they were a small company that could take on big jobs.

search engine optimisation

A storyboard of ideas was developed during the course of a couple of meetings with Granite. We planned a banner image for each page of their new website, covering the various services they offered such as PC and laptop servicing, hosting, web design, SEO and so on. The theme that linked all the images was “playing with scale”.


service pc

Building giant sets was never an option, so the solution was to create composite images – two or more photos merged to create the final image. Shooting the raw material for the composites took place over 3 sessions:

  1. a location shoot at Granite’s premises to capture large objects such as server racks
  2. a still life shoot at my home studio for small objects such as laptops, motherboards and leads
  3. a model shoot at my home studio

Tim from Granite was our main “model”, but I also recruited a second model to add some variety to the images. Props such as the hard hat, virus safe and protective suit were begged, borrowed or stolen (ok, probably not stolen). For the “hosting” image (bottom of this post) I downloaded a stock image of traffic light trails, carefully selecting one that would interact well with the server rack I had photographed. The screen graphics were supplied by Granite themselves.


service laptop

Obviously a lot of Photoshopping goes into this kind of imagery, but the planning stage is really the key. You have to consider the angles and lighting that will help join subjects to backgrounds. The scenarios depicted are obviously not real, but as with a sci fi movie, you still need the viewer to “suspend disbelief”.

connecting a server

Granite could have looked for stock imagery to populate their website, but creating their own images allowed them to show their own liveried shirts and communicate their own unique identity.

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