Welcome to the new blog

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Tutorials will cover subjects and techniques of interest to those for whom photography is a fun hobby.

That includes newcomers to the scene who are still trying to sort their ISOs from their f-stops.

There will also be tutorials aimed at those who take photographs to market their own products or services – such as start-up businesses and e-sellers.

As well as covering photography, cameras and other useful kit, the tutorials will look at image editing in Adobe Photoshop – usually with the beginner in mind.


Case studies will show prospective clients work I have done for existing clients in specific business sectors.

As well as showing example images, I’ll briefly talk about what went on behind the scenes before and after the shoot itself.

This will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect when you commission photography for your business.


That’s it for this introductory update, apart from to say….

hello world image

All the best until next time,